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Hardware Upgrade

If the mail server hardware is upgraded or replaced and ALLcNET server installed on the new machine, normal client service will resume unchanged as long as the IP address of the new mailserver machine is unchanged. In order to retain your complete configuration information for ALLcNET you should first backup the ALLcNET folder ( eg C:\ALLcNET). When you have built your new machine you should restore this folder then install ALLcNET. All configuration information including users and redirections, mail and Web cache will be restored this way.

Changing folders to store mail, archives, logs or temporary files.

To change where ALLcNET saves the archive files;
Stop ALLcNET using ALLcNET Control Panel - Setup:Email Service:Stop
Then edit c:\ALLcNET\conf\MDDirectories in a text editor and change the lines;
then back in ALLcNET Control Panel, click Setup:Email Service:Start

Mail, logs or temporary files can be moved in the same way. You will need to copy files from the old location to the new location manually using Windows Explorer.


Mail archives are usually stored in the folder C:\ALLcNET\archive\comp You will find a zip file for incoming and outgoing mail for each day you have had the ALLcNET server running. In the zip file are files M0001.mai - Mxxxx.mai, these are the actual email's. The .mai files are Unicode so you need a text editor that can handle Unicode. Depending on what version of Windows you are running, Notepad might do.
Editpad Lite, a free download handles these files well;

Web Server

In order to get your content served by the ALLcNET web server you will need to copy it (.html, .gif files etc) to the folder C:\ALLcNET\htdocs\ on the server machine running ALLcNET.

Open Internet Explorer browser and type http://allcnet or (change this to match the IP address of the machine running ALLcNET) and you should get your site.

Normally when you browse to http://allcnet you will get the ALLcNET default page which allows you to see various examples and administer some aspects of the server operation.

After you put your content in c:\ALLcNET\htdocs it will serve your site. In order to get to the ALLcNET default site you will have to browse to http://allcnet/allcnet.

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