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ALLcNET Control Panel is used to configure the ALLcNET email server. It can be run from any computer on your network for access to most configuration functions. Some functions (those in the "Setup" window) can only be performed on the computer that is running the ALLcNET server software.

ALLcNET Control Panel

When you first run ALLcNET Control you will see the main window. This allows you to monitor, in real time, the activity of the ALLcNET Server as well as providing a number of buttons that allow you to control the server.

Force Check button

This forces ALLcNET to immediately dial up your ISP to send and receive email or allow you to browse the Web. A check can also be forced at any time by users sending an email to force_check@ALLcNET or by using ALLcNET Remote Control. You may wish to use this feature if an urgent message is to be sent or someone on your network knows an email has been sent to them and they want to retrieve it straight away. When you initially install ALLcNET, it is a good idea to allow ALLcNET do a dialup (using the Force ISP mail check) to confirm that the Windows dialup software is set up correctly and it is able to connect successfully.

Settings button

This opens the main configuration window for the ALLcNET server. This configuration window controls most of the functions of the ALLcNET server and is described in the settings section.

Setup button

This will open a window used to control the ALLcNET server. This window is mainly used to start or stop the server and is described in the setup section.

Get Info

This interrogates the ALLcNET server which will return various information, particularly if it is currently connected to the ISP.

Hang-Up button

This causes ALLcNET to terminate the dial up connection to your ISP (hang up the modem) .


Clicking this button will stop the ALLcNET server and then restart it. This will work even when you are running ALLcNET Control Panel across a network. Using this button should not be necessary under normal circumstances, but if the sever appears to be malfunctioning a restart may fix the problem. Be sure the check the settings as that is where problems usually occur. 


This will kill the ALLcNET server. Note that if you do this across a network then in order to get the server running again you will have to go the the server machine and use ALLcNET Control Panel locally on the server machine using Setup:Start .

Install Wizard

This is normally only used when initially installing the software. You may use it at any time if you prefer to be prompted through each step of editing the information that is required to get the system to function correctly.


This will clear all of the display panes in the main ALLcNET Control Panel window.


This will open a Web browser and display information on how to setup and use ALLcNET Email and Web Server system.

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