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Email and Web Server

ALLcNET allows an organisation to make email facilities available to its employees without the usual requirements of an individual email address for each employee - or the ongoing extra charge for email accounts from an Internet Service Provider (ISP)

ALLcNET also includes a Web Proxy so people on your network can browse the World Wide Web and a Web server to serve Web content for your Intranet or the Internet.

A key feature of ALLcNET is that it is very easy to install and configure

ALLcNET automates the collection and transmission of email by dialling in to your ISP at 10 am and 3 pm each day (or at other times as required). Call duration is typically only a few minutes, although this is dependent upon the amount of email to be sent and received. The call is automatically terminated upon completion. Additional checks can be made at any time if you wish to send or receive urgent email or use the World Wide Web.

ALLcNET facilitates the delivery of internal email between your staff within the office at any time (this local traffic does not need to connect to the Internet so local emails will not result in your modem dialling up your ISP).

One of the features of ALLcNET that appeals to small business operators is its ability to direct incoming email to a particular staff member without each staff member having his or her own Internet email address. People will address their email to acmebolts@isp.net (for example) and ALLcNET will take care of delivering it to the correct person within your organisation. The person sending the email must merely include the real name of the recipient in their email. This is automatically done by many email client software packages if the recipient has been added to the address book. If incoming email from the Internet does not include a known real name then ALLcNET will forward the email to a person within your company who has been nominated as the "Postmaster" for the email system. A possible candidate for this task is the person at the front reception desk, but it may be any person on the network and can be changed at any time.

Email Server Features

Some of the key features of the ALLcNET email server software are:

Web Server Features

The ALLcNET web server is based on the Apache Web server and the Tomcat Java servlet/JSP engine and includes PHP4 script processor and the Hypersonic SQL engine. This combination provides immense power to serve web information either on your local network or to the Internet.

Set-up and Configuration;
ALLcNET is a program that runs under Windows NT4/2000 (workstation or server) or Windows 95/98/ME as a background service so it will not appear in the Desktop Task bar. ALLcNET will need to be installed and then configured to set-up the names of the users in your office that are required to have access to email (either locally or Internet).

Each user's email "client" software will also need to be configured to send their mail through the ALLcNET server. Portable computers can be configured to use the ALLcNET server whilst connected to the office LAN, and an alternate server when dialling the ISP directly from other locations.

ALLcNET works with various email client software including Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Internet Mail, Microsoft Outlook Express, Eudora, Pegasus and Netscape Mail.

This product includes software developed by the Apache Group for use in the Apache HTTP server project http://www.apache.org/, PHP, freely available from http://www.php.net/ and Hypersonic SQL http://hsql.oron.ch/.

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