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Minimum recomended hardware is IBM PC or compatible, Pentium 100, 32 MB RAM and 40M bytes of free hard disk space. You'll need some sort of 'transport' to connect to remote systems via TCP/IP. Either a modem or an ethernet card will do the job. For small to medium size businesses, depending upon expected email usage, a V90 57,600 bps (56K) modem will be adequate. In small sites a slower modem will do. If usage will usually include images or drawing files (which result in large emails) or extensive World Wide Web (WWW) surfing, then a higher bandwidth connection will be required. (or preferably you should be sending larger files by FTP rather than email). In general, you need to have a 16550 UART on your serial board or built into your modem to handle speeds of above 9600 bps.


Recomended; Windows NT 4.0 (SP5 or SP6a) or Windows 2000 Professional.

Also works on Windows 95, SR1, SR2, Windows 98, SP1, SE or later and Windows ME.

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