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Some administration functions can be performed via a web based administration facility. The easiest way to acces the web based administration functions is to click Help on ALLcNET Remote Control. This will launch your web browser and take you to the ALLcNET manual where you can click on the Administration link at the top of the page. Alternativly, you can run a web browser on the server machine that runs ALLcNET and type in "localhost" into the address field. This will take you to the server home page where you will find a link to the administration functions.

You will be prompted for a username and password. The user name is "control", the password is initially set to "gogo" but you may have changed it to something else in ALLcNET control panel.


The portmapper allows acces to things like news feeds from the workstations on your local network. The following screen shot shows the PortMapper configuration page.

Local Port is the port on the server machine that runs ALLcNET that workstations on your network will connect to to get the port that you set in Remote Host/Remote. In the example shown, workstations will be set up to get news from allcnet server on port 119, thay can also have an additional news feed (from the PHP server) if they create one to connect to the allcnet server on port 1119.

For example if you are using Outlook Express on your workstation you add a new news account by clicking Tools:Accounts then click Add:news and follow the wizard. When the wizard asks for the News (NNTP) server you need to enter "ALLcNET" (or the IP address of the machine running ALLcNET). If you want to connect to a port other than the standard one (119 for news) you will then need to select the account you just created and click Properties the go to the Advanced tab and enter the port number in the Server Port Number:News(NNTP) field. In the example above if you use 1119 then the account will connect to the PHP news server while if you use 119 it will connect to the dingoblue news server.

Another way to access news is via a news web interface site. Try Yahoo News feed or Google News feed , they also do a pretty good search engine, try Google search .


The configure Server page allows setting of logging and remote control options.

If the Send_Logs entry is set to "Yes" then log files will be sent to the address given in the Logs_Email_Address field. The logs are normally used by ALLcNET support staff to aid in the diagnosis of problem with your system. If you do not want any information to be sent then just set Send_Logs to "No".

If Allow_Remote_Control is set to "Yes" then ALLcNET support staff can perform various configuration tasks on your system including updating of user and other configuration information and perform automatic updates to the ALLcNET software. If you do not want ALLcNET support staff to have any ability to do this then just set Allow_Remote_Control to "No".

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